Specializing in Drupal and WordPress web and mobile sites

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Red Wolf provides strategy, design and development

The Wolf will get you on the right track, whether it's standing up a single-page site or building a complex content management system.

What We Do

Needs Analysis

We do a deep dive into your needs and goals.

Tech Strategy

We determine what technologies will work best to achieve your goals.


Even small digital projects require thorough scoping and resourcing. Our services include task and resource tracking as well as a workflow chart.


We'll work with your designer, customize one of the many themes we have in house, or build something out from scratch.


None of this works without the code. Our search-engine-optimized, responsive programming works on all screen sizes.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test everything we deploy to the wild.


We find you a suitable hosting provider and make sure their servers are properly configured and your data is secure.


There will always be changes because, well, things change. So all work includes a 60-day monitoring period.

and more...

For small and medium size businesses, we can add a shopping cart and related services to your site.
Whether your goal is sales lead generation or just a way to talk to customers, we offer customized contact forms and message boards.
Often the best way to tell a story is in pictures, and we have lots of options, from carousels and sliders to full gallery pages.
If you already have a website, and you don't want to lose your data, no problem. We handle the migration from other hosting platforms.